The Ubridge series is a high-performanceAccess Point and Bridge designed for enterprises and outdoor users. It is compatible with IEEE 802.11b/g and supports high-speed data transmission up to 45Mbps. Housed in a NEMA6/IP67 waterproof casing, Ubridge series is designed to withstand any extreme climatic conditions, making it the ideal solution for outdoor applications.

The Ubridge also represents the perfect solution for bridging networks that are impossible to connect using wired alternatives, including networks separated by difficult terrains, railroads, or bodies of water.
The Ubridge outdoor series is based on Atheros eXtended Range (XR) chipset and provides powerful features such as high power, higher throughput, Long Range Parameter settings, ACL, DHCP Server, Spanning Tree Protocol and QOS feature which allows media files to be delivered over the network more efficiently.

Designed for outdoor use, the Ubridge series is able to draw power through Cat-5 Ethernet cable from our DC injector. This ensures that power is available wherever you need it, without the need of expensive electrical work often associated with outdoor installations.


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