Provides the intelligent and effective Wi-Fi solution and provide effortless meshing ability.

At Ruckus Wireless, we breed specific Smart Wi-Fi products for specific applications. We call it purpose-built Wi-Fi. It's a different approach from those other companies, who build general-purpose systems, then try to convince you that they were designed precisely for your needs.

Our Smart Wi-Fi systems aren't developed on some research wonk's theoretical postulations, but rather on specific levels of performance, functionality, and capabilities-for the markets that require them.

Enterprise WLANs
Robust, secure, scalable and rel iable centrally- managed WLANs that fit within any existing network architecture.

SME/Branch Office

Simpler and more reliable WLANs that deploy faster, cost less, improve performance - and can actually be installed by you.

Smart Hotspots/HotZones
The next phase of broadband operator Wi-Fi like VoIP over Wi-Fi,multicast IP-based video (IPTV), and tiered
Wi-Fi services.

Triple-Play Carrier Services
Voice, video, data, and wireless-all with greater range, strong performance, and extended management capabilities.

Wireless Broadband Access
Extending fixed line broadband access with low-cost, centrally managed Smart Wi-Fi.





MRL Smart Bridges Aperto Ruckus
Molex Trendnet eXalt OSBRIDGE



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RUCKUS Wireless - USA has given Silver Partner Recognition to Absolute Solutions Pvt. Ltd.